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Jordan Ayres Campbell

Head Trainer/Rider/Owner

Jordan Ayres Campbell stands out as a prominent figure in the world of hunter jumper sales and training, showcasing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. With a keen eye for quality, Jordan is known for her exceptional ability to source top-tier ponies and horses for her clients, ensuring they receive nothing short of excellence.

What sets Jordan apart is her strong reputation in sales, built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and an extensive network of connections within the equestrian community. Whether you're looking to purchase a new equine partner or market your horse for sale, Jordan Ayres Campbell is a superb choice to guide you through the process, leveraging her expertise to match riders with the perfect companions.

In addition to her success in sales, Jordan has made an impact in the training arena as well. Her dedication to the development of both riders and horses is reflected in the accomplishments of her students at top levels. Jordan's coaching prowess has garnered recognition at prestigious shows, earning her awards and accolades that further attest to her commitment to excellence.

Choosing Jordan Ayres Campbell as your trainer and sales advisor is not just a decision based on her remarkable track record; it's an investment in a partnership that values the success and well-being of both riders and their equine partners.

With her passion for the sport and a proven record of achievements, Jordan continues to be a trusted and sought-after figure in the hunter jumper community.


Jordan Ayres Campbell
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