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Ava Pacetti


Ava Pacetti has become an integral part of Tyfield Equestrian, leaving an indelible mark on the foundation of riders within the hunter jumper field. With several years of dedication to her craft, Ava is not just a well-known face in the barn but a key contributor to the success and development of riders under her guidance.

What distinguishes Ava is her meticulous and careful approach to training. She understands that the foundation of a rider is crucial to success in the competitive world of hunter jumper, and she pays close attention to every detail in her training methods. Ava's commitment to excellence is evident in her thorough and thoughtful approach, ensuring that each rider under her tutelage receives a solid and well-rounded education in the equestrian field.

Beyond her training methods, Ava's expertise extends to the realm of horse care and riding. She recognizes the symbiotic relationship between rider and horse, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive care for the equine partners. Ava's dedication to the well-being of the horses entrusted to her care further underscores her commitment to creating a harmonious and successful partnership between horse and rider.


Ava Pacetti
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