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For Lease


Large Pony



14.0 Hands

Low Fives

Welsh Pony Cross

"Princeton" is a wonderful WT crossrail to 2' height large pony gelding. He is a trailer-to-ring type pony and can walk into any ring with minimal schooling.  He is the type that knows the job. He never cares about the jumps, has easy lead changes in both directions, loves attention, and even does all the kid things such as dressing up, swimming, trail riding, barebacking, summer camp activities, and Pony Club-type games....

    He has successfully done many jobs ranging from a WT and poles job, a crossrail job, and a short/long-stirrup job.  He has a ton of milleage winning at competitive local show and very respectable rated mileage. Don't miss out!


 L only. Located by Ocala, FL - please contact for more information. 

Ocala, FL, USA

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